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What is it for?

Want to rent a new office, buy all the necessary equipment, hire of experienced sellers - consultants? This can be done, of course, but, as they say, come back a pretty penny. However, there is a good alternative option: opening of the office in the Internet.

It is absolutely obvious that the corporate site - this is an important and integral part of the modern business, it is a kind of Internet-representation of the company. What sort of sites may be called corporate? And what challenges do they face? What possible pitfalls await when creating this type of resource?

Corporate site - this is the Internet resource dedicated to a particular organization and contains detailed information about its activities, such as: description of services, products, services, vacancies, etc.

Corporate site is, as a rule, the existing and potential clients, partners and press. Its main goal is to provide the most large-scale information about the company, the kind of its activity, services, events that took place within the company and in the area of activity of the company. Very often on the corporate website is located very convenient, illustrated catalog of the goods. By the way, it is available to the user at any time of the day and night. Such directories are not only information, but also the marketing value.

Such a thing as a corporate site can be divided into two types: internal corporate website for a particular company and a large corporate site, uniting for a holding company. If to talk about the internal corporate web site, it is used, as a rule, as a small library for the staff. If we talk about the corporate website as a kind of holding companies, it distinguishes General information about the incoming companies, what they are doing, their contact information, etc.

What kind of problems solves the corporate website? Let's consider them in more detail:
  • Formation of positive image of the company;
  • Attraction of new potential clients;
  • Promotion of services and goods;
  • Reception and processing of all orders;
  • Round-the-clock security and independent from a geographical point of view of access to information;
  • Prompt placing the relevant information;
  • Professional search and selection of the personnel;
  • Conduct various surveys and studies.
Creation of corporate web sites is one of the most important stages in the development of any company, so that in this question there is no and can be no trifles. It is an advertising platform for Your future business, Your representation in the network the Internet. Yes if you want to, it's a completely full-fledged office, where will come Your customers. It was from him, will depend in many respects such a thing as an image of Your company.

A corporate site is a very effective way to expand Your business. A kind of a well-established tool for increasing Your income.

Before proceeding to the organization itself, decide, what is it for? What is the purpose of creation of corporate web sites? If the goal is clear and understandable - safely may address to the Internet - Studio. It was here first to formalize the target, then спроектируют and with Your active participation will create a future website. In our century of solid Internet is no longer a question: "to Have or not to have your corporate website?" - The answer is unequivocal: «of Course, bear!» The question rather is: «what for? And what?»
Website creation is a lot of money. Rather, investments. And it is therefore important to be able to calculate the date of their return.

If Your site is created as simply an advertising platform, then, the costs need to enter in the state of expenditures on marketing. If this is Your Internet-office, the number of prospective clients must fully pay for the content of the site. If Your site is component of the image, then relate it to the expenditures on marketing, but you also need to make the necessary measurements, and increased if the recognition of the company.
Undoubtedly, such a thing as the creation of corporate sites requires considerable costs, as its further development and support, but it's worth noting that the benefits received by the company, will justify hereinafter virtually all of the financial costs.

Let's look at an approximate structure of a corporate site:
  1. About the company. In this section provide General information about the company.
  2. Press-center. The life of the developing company is always dynamic and full of events. The most important of them are placed in this section.
  3. Our dealers - this section answers the question: where to buy?
  4. Products. It contains General information about the products, its advantages.
  5. Directory. It placed the whole assortment of the manufactured products. It is presented in a convenient and beautiful directory.
  6. Contacts. It is important for the clients part of the site. It is said here: where to send the letter and how to contact you. Here the same place, interactive map of travel and a feedback form.
And remember! Not enough just to create a website. It still needs to be correctly connected to Your business, so he brought You a steady income.

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