- special software for communication web site visitors. The term corresponds to the meaning of the original concept of "forum".

The forum offers a set of partitions for discussion. The work of the forum is to create users in the sections and subsequent discussion within these topics. A single theme, in fact, is a subject the guest book.

Widespread division of web forum: Sections → topic → posts.
Usually messages are information "author - theme - content - date/time". The message and all replies to it forms a branch ("trade").

The discussion should be consistent with the theme. Deviation from the initial subject of the discussion often prohibited by the rules of conduct of the forum. Compliance with the rules of watching the administrators and moderators of - the participants with the opportunity to edit, move, and delete other people's posts in a particular section or topic, as well as to control access to individual participants.
The forums can be very flexible differentiation of access to messages. So, on some forums read and create new messages are available to any casual visitors, on the other preliminary registration is necessary (most common) those and other forums is called the open. Apply and mixed - case scenario is when the individual topics can be accessed by a record of all visitors, and the others - only to the registered participants. In addition to the open, there are private forums, access to which is determined individually for every member of the administrators of the forum. The practice is also not uncommon variant, when some sections of the forum easily accessible, and the remainder is available only to a narrow circle of participants.

Registration of the participants of the forum can create a profile page with information about this party. In your profile member of the forum may provide information about yourself, set your avatar or signature - depending on your preferences. The signature can be static text, or contain graphic images (userbars).

Most of the forums have a system of private messages, which allows authorized users to communicate individually, similar to e-mail.

Each forum has its theme is wide enough, to the extent it was possible to hold wide-ranging discussion. Often also several forums bring together in one place, which is also called the forum (in the broad sense).

According to the method of creating a set of the forums are a dynamic list of topics and with a permanent list of topics. In the forums with a dynamic list of the common members can create new theme in the forum.

Usually, the forum has the ability to search in its database of messages.

The forum is different from a chat division of the topics under discussion and the possibility of communication not in the real time. This is conducive to a more serious discussion, since it provides meeting more time to think of an answer. Forums are often used for different kinds of consultations, in the work of the service of technical support.

Currently, web forums almost completely superseded the news groups on the basis of the NNTP and are one of the most popular ways to discuss issues on the world wide web. At the given moment forums coexist on an equal basis with blogging. These two forms of communication on the Internet are practically not inferior to each other in terms of popularity.

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