Creation of the Internet shop

Internet-shop - it is a multifunctional software module, embedded in a web site providing for the sale of products or services offered via the Internet. Internet-shop can provide service to all - and retail, and wholesale buyers. It consists of the following main units: the catalogue of the goods, the basket, the unit of registration of the order, the unit of payment (several variants), block tracking buyer of their purchases.

Creating a website with the Internet-shop you have at least one point of sale advertising in the Internet. But the difference is that it is now available for the residents and your and any other city, and at any time of the day.
In addition, you can place on your website all the information you have available information about your products and services. It's very much attracted to a potential buyer. Because he can't feel it, twist your product, but can read a very detailed specifications of the goods, drawings, images, annotations, certificates, and feedback from other users, and all that you see fit to place with itself on a site.

Often the purchase in the Internet-shop is better than in normal - there is not always find free the seller-consultant, which does not always know all the specifics of the chosen goods, will long stand at the cash register, and advise regarding your chosen purchase no one. And here, all the information about a product in mind. And again, no need to hire more sellers are running your site.

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