What is a site-card?

The concept of site-business cards as a tool in business

With the help of the site, business cards, the company provides information on its activities, services sold products. Now the site cannot be called luxury or tribute to fashion, the realities are such that page on the Internet should be in any organization or private company. It is a necessary tool in business, as, for example, advertising in mass-media, brochure or business card.

The possibilities and advantages of site-business cards

1. Savings on advertising in mass media. If the company has its own website, then in all materials, used for advertising, on letterhead, business cards, hand-out materials for seminars and exhibitions you can specify its address. This provides the opportunity for interested persons to apply to the site for more information, and the company helps reduce the size of the advertising block in the mass media, to reduce the circulation of printed materials, used for advertising purposes, and even boldly refuse any kinds of advertising. If the link to the site specified in the business cards of employees of your company or organization in the price-list of the products in any of the advertising media, it is quite real refusal to print booklets or decrease of their circulation. On the website you can place a greater amount of information than in the advertising leaflets, price-list, in a block of advertising in a magazine, newspaper, on the radio or TV, etc. To promote goods and services can be with the help of new means of advertising, to the same number of advertising methods on the Internet increases every year.

2. Search of clients by means of a network the Internet. Internet users, according to statistics, 90% of their time devoted to search for necessary information. If you do not have your site - your company is not found in the network and eventually get to the page with the ads of your competitors.

3. Customer service will be more qualitative. Of interest to the client information can be found not only by contacting the office of the company, but also through the Internet. The company's website is available at any time, in contrast to the phone, which may be busy. For many clients, see the information on our site is easier than calling in the office of the company (this especially applies to customers from other cities). Long-distance negotiations more expensive than the cost of a stay on the Internet. Located on the site of the price-list or any other necessary documentation always look prettier than they are sent by Fax. The quality of the document excellent, moreover, you can edit it, which is very convenient for the client.

4. Part of the work Secretary, Manager and advertising agent of the company can be transferred to the site in the Internet. If there site-business managers, secretaries and other employees of your company will be less time to spend on awareness of customers on the phone about the list of services of the company and assortment of manufactured products, the prices, hours of operation, location of the warehouse, etc. All of this information can be deduced by opening page of a site of the company.

5. Prompt introduction of new information or her editing on the site (price, text, change of address, phone, etc. ). Printed promotional products are usually printed fairly large numbers (booklet, price-list, catalogue of production, advertising pamphlets, etc.). On a site also it is easy to add a section to place the news of the release of new production, to increase assortment of the goods, to change the prices in the price-list, introduce a new feature or service that helps users in the navigation of the site, for example.

6. Revenue from banner advertising on the site. If business card web-site has good attendance, i.e. the possibility of receiving income, using banner advertising or banner exchange with other sites to raise the indicators of attendance of your site.

7. Element of the image advertising. Qualitatively executed the site is a charge of positive emotions, trust to the company. Meeting your company on the «appearance», the client feels the location of the company and its products. The potential customer, who enters the site, without the initial information about the company, it is possible to judge about it until just on the site. Today your customers on the availability of site-business cards of your company may determine that your company is using new tools for business and continuously develops.

8. Conduction of advertising campaigns in the Internet. Now there are many new opportunities for carrying out of advertising campaigns in the Internet. All of the key principles of advertising in the network use as its basis the methods of traditional advertising, however, in the network there are some laws that affect the carrying out of advertising campaigns via the Internet. For a particular firm or a certain type of services offered sometimes optimal only one type of advertising. If there is a need for placement of banner advertising, of mailing by e-mail, etc., then without a website is hard to manage. Advertising in the Internet the company, which has its own website, is ineffective.

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