Technical Support

Existing web resource requires constant attention: adding, editing and deleting of text or graphic information - all these activities are aimed at continuing the fullness of the site relevant data. The task of our technical support - ensuring the continuous availability of the web site, and the addition of fresh and relevant information.

If you have a website, but you don't have the chance to exercise its technical support yourself, we are always happy to help. We offer professional support site, thanks to which your resource qualitatively and in time will be filled with new unique information, and your visitors will always be able to get fresh and relevant data.

We provide long-term support of any Internet resource, designed as our specialists and webmasters of other companies. At the request of the customer, we quickly and qualitatively make changes in the content, structure or functional part of the site, design, build flash-elements or new software blocks, set the system of management of the site.

We carry out the operative add and change information on the site according to the information You have provided, or independently on the basis of a pre-agreed preferences.

We offer the following types of technical support of the web sites:
  • Placing and editing of the information - operational management of the content and adding new sections of the site in the framework of the existing functionality;
  • If you use our hosting, your mailboxes tied to your domain, served on Yandex technology or Google
  • Development of new functional - further development of the resource or installation of the CMS and their updates, content management and structure of the site.
  • Graphics support - creating and adding graphic elements - banners, images.
Carrying out technical support, our experts take into account all wishes of the customer and quickly respond to changes in the content and structure of the site. A complex of measures on technical support will help maintain the relevance of your site, while the interest and attention of users.



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